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Successful laser hair removal require several sessions, but remember, the results can last a lifetime. Once a complete laser hair removal is performed, you will no longer spend time and money on waxing or shaving! 

Laser treatment is a wise investment in time and money for the long run.   Because people differ in their skin and hair types, and come in many different sizes, it's hard to give an exact price for services without a consultation.

During your FREE consultation, we will discuss and evaluate your needs, the overall degree of success possible for your specific case, and provide you with an accurate cost estimate. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have.

The following is a "per session" cost estimate for an average size person with average hair density. The following are price guidelines. Actual prices may differ depending on our "Limited Time Special Offers" and other factors that are unique to your needs and objectives.

Price quotation will be provided and discussed during your Free Consultation.

 Areola  $75
 Arms  $150-$250
 Bikini Basic  $75 - $100
 Bikini Extended  $100-$200
 Bikini Brazilian  $150-$200
 Chin  $50
 Ears  $50-$75
 Face  $150
 Forehead  $50-$75
 Hands  $75
 Leg, Full  $300-$400
 Leg, Half (upper or lower)  $200-$250
 Lip  $50
 Neck  $75-$100
 Nose  $50
 Sideburns  $50-$75
 Stomach  $100-$200
 Full Back, Man's  $300-$400
 Half Back, Man's  $150-$200
 Chest, Man  $150-$200
 Stomach, Man  $150-$200
 Shoulders, Man  $100-$150
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